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Surely everyone is already familiar with the game 2048, but in this format you have not been met it. After all, you can play it on any of your devices like a tablet, smartphone or laptop as well as on full screen and completely free. Meet the new version of this game with surprisingly bright pictures and large numbers. And even if you do not like the games in which you need to count something, you will like this game because you just need to press the play and move all the tiles on your playing field. They will connect with each other. For instance: the tile with number two will connect with the two, they will turn out to be a four, so you can connect this four to another tile with the number four and so on. Of course, there may be some kind of game strategy, but it does not always work exactly to make this number 2048. Although, if you try a lot and play often, then, in principle, you can master it perfectly and pass this game. Well, let’s try it!

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