Mind and Brain games online

Everyone knows that Mind Games are always fun and exciting. Did you know that this is also the magic key to keep your mind active and healthy? Different people with different needs and abilities gather in front of the computer with one goal – to have fun. But the process of playing has a beneficial effect on health in various aspects and at any age.

Why is it necessary to play games?

Even if you are no longer a child, you still can get the benefits of playing the games. The more you play, the better and faster you react to and interact with your environment. While playing, you laugh, and along with the release of endorphin into the blood, blood pressure decreases and becomes stable. The muscles relax and blood circulates freely throughout the body. Thus, you get prevention of heart disease and stroke.

Performing monotonous actions, we quickly get tired. To maintain a high level of mental activity, people need to be offered unusual tasks. Solving tasks makes our brain work more actively, to be more attentive.

Board games

Playing chess and checkers, we learn to analyze the opponent’s actions, think over the options for possible behaviour, build logical chains and make independent conclusions. Also, chess requires from the player a great concentration of attention, good memory and certain volitional efforts, while figurative and strategic thinking is actively working.

Solving the problems, equations, algorithms, the use of a coordinate system, the construction of projections and other mathematical actions are directly aimed at the development of logic, spatial thinking, analytical abilities, contribute to the formation of systems thinking and intellectual abilities in general.

Top 5 board games:

  • Spider Solitaire
  • Free Solitaire Online
  • Mahjong Titans HTML
  • Mahjong Con
  • Chess vs Computer

Memory and logic games

Solving problems for logic, memory and thinking, the player learns to establish logical links, analyze and compare data, classify objects, identify their common properties and features, generalize, and perform other logical actions. Children, as well as adults, like to solve riddles. The more you need to think, the more excitement and pleasure you get. The answer doesn’t have to be obvious.

Puzzle games

Puzzles are a popular type of intellectual games for both children and adults. There are interesting puzzles in the format of logical problems, riddles and trick questions, independent games for the development of logic and thinking (anagrams, cryptograms, various types of crosswords, scrabble, Sudoku, etc.) and simulators.